Taylor Barrall

Taylor Barrall is the Labour Party's candidate for Chalkwell in the 2016 Southend Borough Council Elections. 

I am standing in Chalkwell due to my desire to bring to attention a range of local issues which I feel are being ignored. These include:  parking, footpaths and homelessness. Chalkwell needs a greater commitment to dealing with cyclists using footpaths, particularly in busy areas.  Moreover, the high levels of child poverty across Southend Borough should be a key priority for the coming year.  

I live in Chalkwell, and so I'm incredibly proud to be selected as the Labour Party’s candidate for this ward.  I've lived in Chalkwell for the past 15 years, and within Southend Borough for all of my life.  This means that I not only understand, but share in many of the local issues.  Throughout my election campaign I intend on earning your votes.  It is my goal that by 7th May 2016, the residents of Chalkwell will not only know who their Labour Party candidate is, but feel comfortable electing them as their new councillor.


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