Southend Travel Centre – Labour say it is just not good enough

There are long-standing issues with Southend-on-Sea's Travel Centre.

There are long-standing issues with Southend-on-Sea's Travel Centre.


Cllr Julian Ware-Lane says: “This centre has been beset by problems. The signs are often malfunctioning, and the doors are frequently not working.”


Cllr Anne Jones added: “I am a regular user of the Travel Centre. The toilets are often in an appalling state, and the neglect and squalor do not make it an inviting an appealing experience when visiting. On many occasions I have had to report faults; often the same fault on many occasions.”


“The doors at the northern end have been out of order for a few weeks now.”


With the approaching summer and the promise of many visitors to the town the local Labour Party is hoping that proper long-term repairs to the Travel Centre can be made, rather than the short-term fixes that are evidently preferred by the Conservative Administration.


The building and the toilets are the responsibility of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and it is unfair that staff at other companies (who rent offices and kiosks in the centre) are bearing the brunt of passenger complaints.


It is not acceptable that the Travel Centre’s staff do not have direct dial numbers to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council for basic needs, such as cleaning, and have go through the customer service system.


The doors at one end are currently not in use, and Labour has called for an immediate and lasting fix for these. Labour has also asked that the toilets are properly maintained, as well as guarantees that the signs will work properly in the future.

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