New Tory administration breaks election pledge with their first act


Southend Labour Party have condemned the Conservative group breaking an election pledge as their first act in administration.  At the council meeting on 19th May which saw Cllr Lamb elected as leader by Conservative and UKIP councillors, the new administration increased the number of cabinet roles from 7 to 8.  This was despite having promised in their election manifesto that they would reduce it to 6.

Cllr Ian Gilbert, leader of the Labour Group, said, “It seems almost comical the first act of this new Conservative administration has been to break one of the few promises it made during the election. The increased size of the cabinet, we understand, has been implemented in order to buy off a Conservative councillor who was threatening to jump ship.

Straight off the bat, this shows a lack of a commitment to keeping their promises, and weak leadership from an administration being held hostage by UKIP, as well as their own backbenches.

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