RSE AMM 2018



The minutes from this meeting are available now from this link

Tuesday 10th July 2017 from 7.30pm - 9.30pm (please arrive from 7pm for a prompt start) at St. Mark’s church, junction of Park Street & Hamlet Road SS1 1QA (entrance in Hamlet Road, a few door along from The Cliff pub).

The documents for the meeting are available to view or download by clicking on the links below


Minutes of last year's AGM (8th July 2017)

Officers' reports

Annual Accounts to 31 Dec 2017 for approval and Treasurer’s Report for the current month (circulated at the meeting and available to members on request to the Treasurer (

List of nominees for election to Constituency Officer Positions

Motion for consideration & vote on Central Branch re-structuring, submitted by Ian Gilbert

Motion for consideration and vote on Brexit policy, submitted by Matt Dent and Amendment to that Brexit Motion proposed by Carl Mingard

CLP Officer positions ('job descriptions')

Please note that there are no printing facilities at the venue. There will be printed copies of the papers available but if at all possible please print any you may require in advance and bring them with you, or refer to them on an electronic device at the meeting: the printed copies we supply are mainly needed for members who do not have electronic access to them. Thank you.