About Our Candidates

The local elections for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Wards will be held on 3rd May 2018.

Here is a list of our candidates who are standing in Southend Borough Council elections.

If you want to help our campaign, display a poster or stake board, please email campaigns@southendlabour.com or call our local office on 01702 619868.

You can also call us if you're unsure where to vote or if you need help getting to the polling station.


Candidates & contact details

Belfairs - Taylor Barrell, admin@southendlabour.com

Blenheim Park - Laurie Burton, admin@southendlabour.com

Chalkwell - Sean Jones, sean.jones@southendlabour.com

Eastwood Park - Ros Sanders, ros.sanders@southendlabour.com

Kursaal - Matt Dent, matt.dent@southendlabour.com

Leigh - Michelle Williams, michelle.williams@southendlabour.com

Milton - Cllr Cheryl Nevin, cjnevin@hotmail.co.uk

Prittlewell - Jennifer Beck, jennifer.beck@southendlabour.com

Shoeburyness - Gregory Keane, admin@southendlabour.com

Southchurch - Martin Berry, martin.berry@southendlabour.com

St. Laurence - Janet Phillips, janet.phillips@southendlabour.com

St. Luke's - Ian Pope, ian.pope@southendlabour.com

Thorpe - Jack Reason, jack.reason@southendlabour.com

Victoria - Cllr Margaret Borton - cllrborton@southend.gov.uk

Westborough - Cllr Kevin Robinson, kevin.robinson@southendlabour.com

West Leigh - Hilary Scarnell, admin@southendlabour.com

West Shoebury - Tom Murray, admin@southendlabour.com

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