NEC Elections 2016

The National Executive Committee is the ruling body of the Labour Party for its rules and procedures. It also has responsibility for internal party displinary matters. Members of the NEC are elected on a rolling annual basis and comprise ordinary party members, members of affiliated Trade Unions and members of the Parliamentary Labour Party (MPs & MEPs) as well as the Party's General Secretary & its Treasurer.

The shortlist for candidates for the 2016 NEC election has been decided by the votes of party members at Constituency Party meetings throughout the country. The final selection will be made on a 'one member, one vote' basis and all members who are eligible to vote will receive a voting pack and ballot papers as well as an email giving the opportunity to vote securely online.

The voting pack contains brief details of the shortlisted candidates' biographies. Where candidates have supplied additional supporting statements to the local Party Secretary for members to see, those have been pasted below on this page. They have also been collated (on Monday 25th 2016) into one document: to read or download that, please click on this link.

NEC Candidate Statements PDF


Candidates' Supporting Statements

Amanat Gul

My name is Amanat Gul and I am a member of Hall Green Constituency Labour Party. I have been living in Birmingham with my family for the last 20 years. Professionally I am a doctor and would say I share compassion which is why I have a deep interest in politics.

In my view, the Labour Party's ethos of fairness, equality and social justice is embedded in the values I hold. I joined the Labour Party in 1985 when I was living in Norway, and continued my membership when I moved to the UK. Currently, I hold the position of ward a organiser at my CLP and the election coordinator in my ward in Birmingham.

I support Jeremy Corbyn as the politics he brings, I can relate to as my own.  There is a need for the Labour Party to set a vision based on fairness, compassion and integrity to pave the way to win the next General Election. I believe my work as a doctor would support such compassionate politics.

There must be a clear demarcation between the Labour party and other political parties to show we are the party of the people on key issues like the NHS, and Social and Community welfare.

My primary interest is in the National Health Service. I believe the management of the current NHS is overly bureaucratic and too heavily reliant on a business management approach to problems. I advocate a return to a more clinician-led approach to the running of the service. Clearly the NHS has problems both in the hospital service and within general practice. There are chronic shortages of personnel particularly of GPs, Dentists, midwives and nurses. Furthermore, none can claim that our current mental health service is an unqualified success, when prisons hold large numbers of people in desperate need of proper mental health care. All this is against a background of serious national financial problems, as acknowledged by John McDonnell’s statement that the next Labour government will exercise strict financial responsibility.  Therefore simply throwing unlimited amounts of money at these problems is neither possible nor desirable.

My brief document cannot offer solutions to all the problems of the NHS, but I would like to put forward some thoughts concerning two areas. Currently we as a nation import doctors and nurses from less affluent countries around the world.  Ultimately it is morally indefensible that we effectively robbing them of their highly trained personnel. Therefore, in addressing the GP shortage, we should put pressure on the Government to provide funds to the universities, the General Medical and Dental Councils, and the Medical Royal Colleges to support a great increase in the intake into medical and dental schools and create new schools and the Government has to put the money in to fund the expansion. This may also require a new undergraduate curriculum. With regard to the shortage of nurses, the current government is proposing to abolish the financial incentive for students to study nursing. This step should be halted immediately and there should be a drive to students in their final year at school to urge them to consider nursing as a career.

From a social perspective,I believe in a balanced immigration policy, free from discrimination in order to support our vibrant society. I believe that the “living wage” should be just what it says, where work pays for individuals and families, so families don't have to be reliant on food banks or go through hardship. Zero hour contracts should be scrapped which adds to the inequalities in society.

I believe that the Labour Party best works when we are all fighting on the same side to meet the aspirations of the people of Great Britain. I would bring compassion to the NEC and support the aspirations of our CLPs.

Thank you

Amanat Gul


Ellie Reeves

Dear Colleague

It's been a privilege and an honour to serve grassroots members on the NEC for almost 10 years with broad support from across the party. I am extremely grateful to the 149 CLPs who have nominated me and for the support I have received from the wider membership. The ballot papers have now been sent out for the NEC election and I hope that you will consider voting for me.

My Values

I have spent my life fighting for rights at work. As a trade union lawyer I represented blacklisted construction workers, I now provide help to women facing pregnancy discrimination. The Tories are decimating rights at work and I have been working with the leadership in putting forward a positive alternative on workers’ rights. I have also campaigned extensively for international workers’ rights, particularly in places such as Colombia and Qatar.

I welcome the Chilcott enquiry. I was not on the NEC at the time the decision was taken to go to war in Iraq, but did not agree with it. Equally, I was against military intervention in Syria. I did not think the Tories put forward a coherent case and I cannot see our intervention making the situation any better.

If I get your vote I will work with the NEC to win back our trust with the people who need us to fight for them, putting their interests first. The next Labour government should:

 Reverse the privatisation of the NHS;

 Support comprehensive education;

 Repeal attacks on employment rights, abolish tribunal fees;

 Invest in maternity services & Sure Start;

 Build council housing, regulate the private rented sector;

 Re-nationalise the railways.

A Winning Party, Fighting Back

Without a Labour government we cannot implement our policies to make the lives of millions of people better. Losing the election in 2015 was devastating. Now, the outcome of the European Referendum has put many of our hard won rights at risk and there has been a substantial rise in hate crime. These reports are deeply worrying - we need to come together and unite in our endeavours to fight prejudice and social divisions within our communities.

Labour needs to listen, learn and understand the reasons behind the referendum result and try to bring the country together.

As we face the challenges of a leadership election we must also unite to be a strong effective opposition. We have to put forward an alternative to austerity that wins back support across the country. Our task now is to re-engage with the thousands of core Labour voters who switched to the SNP, to UKIP or who simply stayed at home at the general election. At the same time, we must make sure that we reach out to people in our key marginals who have not traditionally been Labour supporters. We must also reconnect with traditional Labour voters who voted to leave Europe.

We have a difficult road ahead but as an experienced NEC member I believe I have the commitment and credibility to assist those leading our party with campaign strategy and policy formation and to hold them to account on your behalf. I will also campaign for party unity - we must unite behind whoever is elected our next leader and be ready to fight back to win the trust of the country.

A strengthened party with members at its heart

Members are the life blood of our party and I am delighted that membership has more than doubled since the election. We must welcome these new members, encourage supporters to become full members and at the same time recognise the work that our longstanding members have done over very many years.

The NEC has commissioned a review of our policy making structures and I will be fighting to give members a greater voice. If we are to get the right policies in place to win back power, we must draw on the experiences of members on the ground.

Labour has always been a broad church, where different viewpoints have thrived within our shared values. The NEC must ensure that whilst political debate is to be welcomed, personal abuse is unacceptable. That is why I have called for a code of conduct for social media.

The party must reflect the communities that we seek to represent. Therefore, it is crucial that the NEC supports the youth, women's, LGBT, black and minority ethnic and disabled sections of our party. We must also break down barriers to selection and I have repeatedly called for a cap on spending in selections.

Keeping in touch & How you can help

As your representative on the NEC it is vital that I keep in touch with members, so that I can take your views to the leadership.

Over the past ten years I have reported back after every NEC meeting. I have spoken at CLPs and branch meetings across the country. I have addressed regional and youth conferences. I have answered your emails and taken your calls. I have consulted with you and I have raised the issues that you care about.

The ballot for the NEC elections opened on 11th July 2016 and closes on 5th August. You can vote for up to six candidates and I would be very grateful if you would consider giving me one of your votes so that I can continue to serve you on the NEC.

I really appreciate your support.

About Ellie

Ellie is Vice Chair of the National Executive Committee and has served on it for almost 10 years. She has been a member of the Labour Party since she was 15 and has held numerous CLP positions throughout that time. Ellie is an employment rights lawyer and has spent most of her career representing trade union members. She is married to John Cryer MP and they have a one year old son.

What others say about Ellie

"Ellie has an excellent track record of arguing for environmental issues and I know that she will continue to argue for greater Intervention on the NEC" Lisa Nandy MP

“Ellie doesn't just sit in NEC meetings, she gets out on the doorstep campaigning for a Labour victory, supporting candidates across the country” Stephanie Peacook, former PPC for Halesowen and Rowley Regis

"Ellie defends trade unionists every day in her work and has won some great victories on behalf of Union members. She also speaks up for the union movement on the NEC" Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Trade Union group

"Ellie is Labour to her core, passionate about workers’ rights and how trade unions protect them. She is an excellent campaigner and has been a crucial asset on the NEC for ten years." Khalid Mahmood MP

"Ellie is Labour to her core. She has the skills, experience and independence to represent members on the NEC during these challenging times" Ann Cryer, former MP for Keighley

"Ellie has done a great job on the NEC. She is Labour to her core and a terrific asset for the Party." Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP

"Ellie has worked tirelessly to promote equalities in the party. That's why I am backing her for the NEC" Gloria De Piero MP

"Ellie understands how deep Britain's housing crisis really is. She has consistently argued that Labour must be committed to building public sector housing on a large scale" Tom Copley, Greater London Assembly

Ellie is a grassroots member fighting for greater democracy & accountability across the Party. In her day job she fights for the rights of working people. She is passionate about human rights not just in the UK but across the world" Jonathan Ashworth MP, Shadow Minister Without Portfolio

"Ellie is a great campaigner as she's shown in every election for years. But she's also the voice of the grassroots - she listens to members, cares about their views and truly represents them on the NEC" Dan Jarvis MP

Ellie Reeves - Email: - Twitter: @elliereeves - Facebook:


Peter Willsman

Dear Party Member,

NEC Constituency Section Election

You will be receiving your ballot paper for this election now (or in the next few days). As a current NEC member and one of the candidates in this election, I would like you to know my reasons for seeking re-election.

For varying periods since 1981 I have uniquely served on all four of our Party’s National committees. I have used this experience to give help and advice to CLPs and party members in every region – I am only a phone call away. I am also very happy to visit CLPs and give a report – I have spoken at meetings in every region. For over 30 years I have been sending to every CLP my regularly updated 12 page Guide to Annual Conference and I send out regular NEC reports (NB. To assist CLPs, full reports of all NEC and NPF meetings are available at

We have a new leader, elected with a huge mandate, who has commitment, integrity and a basic decency that is quite exceptional. I worked with Jeremy in NUPE before he became an MP. I have never met anyone as dedicated. Party members want Jeremy to have a chance to show what he can do. The constant attacks on Jeremy in the hostile press and media, by Labour MPs and other prominent Labour figures from the moment he was elected, have boosted the Tories and harm our Party.

An effective and accountable NEC could and should play a vital role in the Party’s fight back, bringing together as it does, the CLPs, the unions and the Parliamentary leadership. My record proves I have the necessary commitment, determination and enthusiasm to play a full part in our drive to victory in England, Scotland and Wales up to the General Election and a majority Labour Government.

Please also support – Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams and Rhea Wolfson.

Please phone me if you need any more information.

Yours in comradeship,
Peter Willsman
01865 244459

My Labour, union and Co-op experience
At national level:
NEC: 1998-1999, July 2005-2010 and 2015 onwards    
Conference Arrangements Cttee 1981-1994    
National Constitutional Cttee 1995-1998 
National Policy Forum 1998-1999, 2002-2010 and May 2015 onwards
National Research Officer NUPE/UNISON 1979-1994 

At regional and local level:
London Region Board 2002-2005
GC of CLP 1975-2016
Ward Secretary 1994-2010
ILEA Councillor 1986-1990
Branch Secretary APEX/GMB 1980-1998
Co-op Group (CWS) Area Cttee/Party Council 1988-2010


For Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Darren Williams, Rhea Wolfson &  Claudia Webbe please click here  

And for Johanna Baxter please click here

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