More Artists' Studios for Southend?

Beecroft building (Westcliff)

Proposed new use for the former Beecroft Art Gallery building

Southend Council, acting as the trustee for the Beecroft Art Collection, is proposing to use the old Beecroft Art Gallery in Westcliff as artists’ studios. Milton Ward Labour Councillor Julian Ware-Lane says, “Artists are increasingly being priced out of fashionable areas of London, and this could be a great opportunity to further strengthen the arts scene in Southend. It will ensure that the building is used in a way that's compatible with the purpose of the trust, whilst supporting our aspiration for culture-led regeneration of the town.”

The Beecroft Collection is now housed in the refurbished former Central Library in Victoria Avenue and is open from 10am to 5pm Tuesdays to Saturdays. For more information on the Beecroft's exhibitions and Southend's other museums please click here.

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