Milton Labour councillor calls for a new multi-storey car-park in the town centre

Cllr Julian Ware-Lane wants Southend-on-Sea Borough Council to consider building a multi-storey car park in the town centre. Cllr Ware-Lane has identified the current car park in Tylers Avenue as being a potential place for this.

Building a new multi-storey car park would allow the council to aggregate the parking from one or two other sites, and then allow the council to use the other sites to raise much-needed revenue.

"Creating a multi-storey will allow the Council to re-use other car parking space without losing car-parking spaces. "

"We need to find new revenue streams because we are facing more cuts in the coming years."

"I understand that multi-storeys are relatively cheap to build, and Tylers Avenue area already has tall buildings,  so a multi-storey car park should not cause distress to residents."

There are some multi-storeys already in the town, and one that was recently demolished (Farringdon Road).  In many ways consolidating several small car parks would also make sense for those seeking a place to park, and could help in traffic planning. 

Some car parking space would be lost during construction, but Cllr Ware-Lane believes that this can be kept to a minimum with proper planning.

"To be honest," added Julian, "if we weren't faced with yet more savage cuts I doubt I would have given this much thought. I am just trying to protect libraries, children's centres, and other public services. I'd welcome other creative ideas."

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