Matt Dent raises concerns over Blenheim Park Football Pavilion plans

Matt Dent, Labour Spokesperson Blenheim Park ward at the recent election, has raised concerns about proposals to build a football pavilion in Blenheim Park.


The proposal includes building a single-story building on Blenheim Chase, adjacent to the Blenheim Children's Centre, to be built by a local football club. Mr Dent has voiced his concern over the impact on the local area of building on one of the dwindling number of green spaces in the town. The 

 Mr Dent said, "Whilst I am as keen as anyone else to encourage usage of the Park, by sports clubs and by the public generally, it seems an odd concept that this is best done by taking away from the green space of the park itself. This administration has a good record on listening to residents, and I encourage it to have a rethink."

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