Leadership challenge

Labour Party Members eligible to vote in the upcoming leadership election should receive their ballot papers during the next week or so. The criteria for voting are set out below. If you think that you are entitled to a vote and do not receive a ballot paper, please contact the national party's membership services on 0345 092 2299.

Who can vote in the leadership election...:

1. Labour Party Members who have joined before 12th January 2016 and whose subscriptions are up to date at the time of the election (any arrears will need to be paid by 8th August, click here or call 0345 092 2299;

2. Registered Labour Party Supporters who paid £25 between 5pm on Monday July 18th & 5pm on Wednesday 20th (those who paid a one-off £3 to take part in the last leadership ballot will have needed to register their support again & pay £20 this time). The facility to regsiter as a supporter is therefore no longer available as that deadline has passed.

3. Members affiliated from unions (i.e. those who have agreed for a proportion of their union subscriptions to be paid to the Labour Party). To be eligible to vote they must have been a member of the affiliated union or socialist society on 12th January 2016 and sign up (click here for details) by 8th August 2016.

It is one vote per person; it doesn’t matter if you are an ordinary Labour Party member, a Party Officer or a Labour MP - all votes carry equal weight.

This is an important time for Labour Party members and supporters and it is important that everone can have their say. We may not all agree on everything, but there is room in the party for a broad range of views. Strength is in unity and we have more in common than we have in difference. The only way our party can effectively oppose and eventually depose the Tories under Theresa May ('Maggie Mark Two') is by working together for the common good. That includes, obviously,  the good of this country as a whole.

The ballot closes at 12pm on 22nd September. The Leadership election result will be announed on 24th September, the eve of the party's annual conference.

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