Southend West Labour candidate backs Oxfam Tax Dodging Campaign

 Graham Main and Julian Ware-Lane

Julian Ware-Lane, the Labour Party's candidate for Southend West, has met with Oxfam Co-ordinator for Southend West, Graham Main, to give his backing to Oxfam's campaign against tax dodging.

The campaign calls upon all political parties to introduce a Tax Dodging Bill within 100 days of the election, in order to combat tax avoidance at home and abroad.

Julian said,

"Fairness dictates that we all pay our taxes. Those that avoid taxes are potentially depriving us of doctors and nurses, teachers and books, policemen and firemen. If society means anything it means that we all shall be paying our taxes".

"Many businesses make large profits in Britain, and it is not unreasonable to see some of those profits returned by means of taxation. Every overcrowded classroom or under-staffed hospital, every public service that is forced to reduce its offer to its clients is caused by the greedy refusing to pay their taxes. I think this should stop."

He added, "Therefore I would support a bill that seeks to address tax dodging. Whether that can happen in the first hundred days of a new Labour government I cannot say - to be honest there are a number of competing priorities. I am happy to back the Tax Dodging Bill Campaign, although we must frame the rules in a way that does not damage our competitiveness as a country."

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