Interim Affordable Housing Policy

At the last Full Council meeting the ruling Conservative and UKIP administration brought forward an Interim Affordable Housing Policy. This document attempts to define a policy for section 106 agreements, where developers agree to an element of affordable housing within any significant development.

‘Affordable’ means different things to different people. What is affordable to some is not affordable to others.

Councillor Ware-Lane (Labour, Milton Ward) is concerned that this plan barely addresses the housing crisis impacting our town: "This document talks about affordable housing, but what we need specifically is more social housing to rent. With private sector rents sky-high, many local people are struggling to afford decent places to live."

Labour Councillor for Victoria Ward David Norman added "This is a weak document. We witness many examples of developers trying to evade their responsibilities." 

Cllr Norman added: "I hope the current administration recognises the chronic need for new social housing in the borough. I was proud to have been the Portfolio Holder that oversaw the first new council housing in the borough for a quarter of a century."

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