Green Bank investment to accelerate LED streetlight roll-out in Southend

£8.2m of funding from the government's Green Investment Bank will accelerate the replacement of street lamps across Southend Borough with environmentally friendly LED alternatives.

Whilst lights have gone out across the rest of Essex, in a misguided attempt to save money, Southend Council has always been determined that the lights would stay on. The investment will mean that not only will residents not have to fear walking home in the dark, but CO2 emissions will be reduced in the process.

Cllr Ian Gilbert, leader of the Labour Group on Southend Borough Council, said, "These new low-energy streetlights will more than pay for themselves within their lifetime through energy savings, and a new central management system will also allow the Council to remotely manage its lanterns across the borough.

"Labour councillors are helping to drive policies that will benefit out town both environmentally and financially."

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