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The Parliamentary elections will be held on Thursday 8th June 2017

The Labour party candidates for the Parliamentary Constituencies of Rochford & Southend East and Southend West are, respectively,  Ashley Dalton and Julian Ware-Lane.

If you would like to help Labour's campaign please email admin@southendlabour.com with your name, address & telephone number. If you have any questions please use the same email address or leave a brief message with your contact details on 01702 619868. Thank you.

To register to vote please go to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. For further information please call 01702 215010 (residents in the Southend Council area) or 01702 318187 (residents in the Rochford Council area).

If you are already registered to vote and wish to apply for a postal vote or for someone else to vote on your behalf (a proxy vote) you can download the forms here (for the Southend Council area) or from the links from here for the Rochford Council area or you can be sent the forms if you call the relevant council on the numbers given above.
Shoeburyness By-election - Thursday 25th May
Because of the death of Mike Assenheim, the Independent Councillor for the Shoeburyness Ward of Southend Council, a By-election will be held on Thursday 25th May. Only people who live in the Shoeburyness Ward and are registered to vote can take part in that election. If you are unsure, please check with Southend Council on 01702 215010.
The Labour Party Candidate for this By-election is Maggie Kelly.
Maggie lives in Shoeburybness with her family and works as a Support Worker in the Mental Health Ward at the hospital.
Maggie says, "I am putting myself forward for election to the council because I really care about Shoeburyness. It’s where I have lived for the last nine years. It is where my two children went to primary school before they both moved on to Shoebury High.


"Local people value having a local person representing them. In a time when people are cynical about politics I think it’s important to show that their Labour candidate is one of their neighbours. A neighbour who uses the same buses, libraries and parks as they do.  


"I am involved with the community and last year organised a street party for local residents for the Queens 90th birthday. Everyone had a great day, we had games and to finish the day a tug of war that everyone enjoyed. Things like this help to build community spirit. 


"It’s because I live here that I want to make a difference. Even the small things like fixing the potholes, repairing the streetlights and cleaning up litter are important to me. I love living in Shoebury but it can be better. I hope to represent the people of Shoeburyness and make sure we keep our area a green, safe and tidy place to live.


"I’m fighting to make things better for residents. Things have been tough, with the Tory Government cutting away at public services. A local councillor can help the most vulnerable get through these difficult times. More importantly, more Labour councillors can make sure the axe doesn’t fall on vital services in our town. I fully supported the efforts of our Labour colleagues on the council who protected care homes and libraries. 


"I hope that you will feel able to support me in this election."


You can email Maggie at Maggie.Kelly@southendlabour.com or call 01702 619868 (please leave a message if necessary and be sure to include your name & phone number for her to call you back)

The next routine local elections for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Wards will be held in May 2018.


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