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commented 2017-04-22 01:59:24 +0100
Who are the Labour candidates in Southend for the 2017 General Election? Will Southend Labour be considering a progressive alliance as both seats are such safe Tory seats? Unfortunately I will be out of the country until after the election (in Canada) but I will be voting in Southend East Rochford. If you have candidates I feel I could support I could volunteer from here. I am not currently a member of the Labour Party, I live in SS1.
commented 2017-04-07 14:49:46 +0100
I’m impressed with your stance on the peacocks in Chalkwell Park. Do have an opinion on puppy farms and the sale of dogs. Thanks
commented 2016-12-03 00:23:46 +0000
Hi I would really like to be more involved in local politics and join the local party can you let me now some more information and how to join in. Thanks
commented 2016-09-30 12:20:37 +0100
Hi Labour. I looked for information here about CLP and branch meetings. Please let me know when and where as soon as there are details.
commented 2016-09-15 17:37:39 +0100
I would be grateful if you could let me know when branch and CLP meetings take place.


Jane David
commented 2016-08-22 21:41:09 +0100
Hello Southend Labour,

I would like to request you to contact me Via. Support and volunteering to back Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

I did sign up a month or two ago but this seems to have unfortunately been lost in the ether.

Thank you very much for your time,

Cheryl Diamond, Westcliff
commented 2016-06-12 18:22:34 +0100
Hello Dave Norman. I don’t know if you received my card back then, but I wanted to make sure you got a big big thank you. Since you helped me get a move I have mostly stayed out of hospital for a few years now. I still struggle everyday but thanks to you I am alive to do it. I would have jumped,there is no doubt about it. I just thank god there are people like you, who are in a position to help people, that are genuinely concerned. Many thanks and all the best sincerely
commented 2016-05-06 19:35:08 +0100
Congratulations and many thanks for all that Labour does in our town. It was an honour to be a teller for a while.
commented 2016-04-26 12:51:29 +0100
Please can we have an election poster for our local election candidate Westborough Ward.

Thank you
commented 2016-02-29 17:33:46 +0000
Hi, I asked my councillor Matt Softly for help on 20/1/2016. The problem is that Genesis Housings contractors, Kier Group PLC, their IT system doesn’t talk to Genesis Housing’s IT system which means that vulnerable tenants like me cant book repairs as vulnerable tenants. Kier have told me in January this year that this problem is widespread regarding vulnerable tenants and Genesis have informed me last year in Aug 2015 that Kier would try to resolve this ,but as I say in Jan 2016 this was still an issue when Kier would not book a new repair that I need because their IT system still doesn’t reflect what is on Genesis Housings IT system . I am concerned not only for myself but for others like myself who might be left without the help they are entitled to in potential emergencies.

Councillor Soflty told me in Jan this year that he would try to resolve this with Genesis , I emailed him last week to ask how things were progressing but have not heard back.
commented 2016-02-10 17:00:20 +0000
Why is the Labour party not organising a mass protest against the Russian killing of many Syrian civilians caused by Russian bombing?Did you see the Russian ambassadors blatant denial of such killings ?
commented 2015-11-04 08:46:23 +0000
can you ring me
commented 2015-09-30 22:36:45 +0100
What you doing to tackle the homeless on your door step? I was talking to few of them.I thought charity started at home. Have you ever took time to speak to any of them to find out there storey, why there on the street. Because some times its not there fault of there Owen, it could happen to you, or any one in your family. Like your brother your daughter or nephew how would you feel if this happens. Some of them haven’t slept in a bed for months or even years, why do you think some of them turn to drink, and end up being depressed or end in prison. Because they are frightened, in fear of some one might rob them or kill them on the street. I live locally and i feel very sad and concerned, things have to change to help them and support them more to find homes for them. Be fore the coldest winter comes.
commented 2015-09-21 10:08:38 +0100
hi I was wondering if you had any updates on the proposed parking restrictions in the Cromer rd area
commented 2015-09-13 18:43:51 +0100
Hi, I don’t see any info about local party meetings in the Calendar section of the website and having rejoined the party recently I’m keen to find out about local Labour activity.

Please let me know meeting dates.

commented 2015-09-12 08:11:39 +0100
I notice that you have a position as vice chair of the Traffic and Parking working Party. I am trying to find out the outcome of a the review into the parking situation in Beach Avenue, Leigh on sea. I am sure you are well aware of the problem of computer parking in this road. I read in the local paper some time ago, after the latest attempt by the residents committee to push for restrictions, that a full review of the situation would be conducted. Please can you let me know if this has been completed and if so what the outcome was? I have tried contacting a couple of local MP’s and had no response.

Kind regards, Mrs Susan Cains.
commented 2015-07-25 11:42:30 +0100
If I join now will I be able to vote in the leadership election please?
commented 2015-05-04 14:52:29 +0100
I have always supported and voted for Labour but I am rather lost and confused as to the fact that not enough has been said about education and teachers! I’m a teacher myself and I’m watching good teachers leave teaching term by term… I don’t blame them!! Teaching has become a paperwork activity and the hours I work literally take over my life. I get to work at 7.30-7.45 am and on average leave at 7.30-8pm. My other half will tell me to leave earlier but it’s just not possible with the shear amount of work I have. Apart from personal reasons and work load I have seen the Tories damage my students future and confidence. I work in a challenging area in Essex, where I work very hard to make my students see the value of education. We used to be able to enter our students twice for core exams under Labour and not be ‘marked down’ for it in our data. This allowed my students who were having a difficult time or who made mistakes a second chance, it allowed my students the opportunity to take some exams in year 10 so they didn’t have so much stress and clustered exams in year 11. Now you can say, ‘well that’s how it was when we were kids’ but it doesn’t make it the best system! Or what’s best for my kids! I would like to know what changes are being proposed. I’m a teacher because I care about, not just my subject but about each and every child I teach, have taught and will teach in the years to come. I’m a teacher in this school because I know I make a difference each and every day, because these students are the salt of the earth, because I know that If I can inspire even 3/4 of my year group to go on to further education, find their dream job or join an apprenticeship then I have done my job! I work in an area where many of my students parents don’t work which is not an easy life! It’s hard having 300 students in a year group but my school has organised its own careers advice worker as it’s not offered in our area anymore. All this said education is a big issue which affects us all and I really feel no one has discussed it to the leave it deserves.
commented 2015-05-01 12:02:53 +0100
I am a very angry Labour supporter who is worried about having yet another term of conservatives in our area. Why I have never seen any labour activity in Rochford? Why no one ever answers the phone? Every time I call it goes to answer machine and a couple of time I left messages but no one got back to me. I do not believe you are doing anything to encourage people in our area to vote for you. You might be doing something in Southend, but what about Rochford? Does Rochford need to remain dead next to Southend? It is bad enough, under the conservatives, Rochford did not benefit anything from the regeneration of the airport, we do not even have access to the train station unless we walk round to the main entrance. In every train station in the country, big or small, there are two sided entrances except this one. The dictatorship of Southend council is forbidding the residents of Rochford from benefiting from an access to the station, but yes we had to suffer the disturbances causes by a number of years planning and building the station. Why people in Rochford are forgotten? Why people in Rochford are not considered worthy of any development? Why small businesses in Rochford have minimum or no support? Why Rochford does not exist on the radar of any party? Why we do not see any Labour campaigners in Rochford area?

Don’t you think it is ironic that you want us to vote for you but you do not make an effort to talk to us, to show your face, to hang banners, to tell us what you want to do for the area, for the residents and for businesses? Isn’t it ironic that you are not showing us you are bothered about being elected, that we want to vote for you but you are not making the effort to encourage us to vote for you?

Not much time left, so you need to act super quickly and convince people in Rochford why a labour candidate is better for us than a conservative one. I want a labour government but I doubt it will happen if many candidates are still hiding and not many people know what they stand for.
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