Carriage and Wagon Shed in Shoebury Garrison

The Southend-on-Sea Labour Group believes that the borough's heritage assets must be maintained for future generations. Therefore, it has been pleased that the Council has sought to look after the Carriage and Wagon Shed in Shoebury Garrison.

We are disappointed that owing to a number of factors what was promised in 2011 has failed to materialise.  Economic pressures has meant that the promise of a visitor centre and community facility have failed to materialise.

The Council is faced with a number of options, including leaving the building to decline. The Labour Group does not want this to happen and wants the building maintained.

Labour’s Councillor Julian Ware-Lane says, "The Borough is currently facing the loss of a number of heritage assets, and I hope that this does not join that sorry list. We must preserve the best of our heritage - and I believe that Carriage and Wagon Shed, owing to its listing, is amongst the best."

"The sums involved in maintaining it are quite modest" added Cllr Ware-Lane, "and the alternative is the loss of another piece of history. We owe it to future generations to maintain these sorts of buildings."

Southend Labour believes that the original intention of creating a visitor centre and community facility still has merit, and that this should still be pursued.

The Council recognises the potential loss to the borough, and Labour hopes that the Conservative-UKIP administration faces up to its duty of care to history and heritage within Southend-on-Sea.

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